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By Mike Petersen Date 2010-06-20 10:17
Take a look at this article from

Durham astronomers' doubts about the 'dark side'

Another strike against the Standard Model of the Universe.

- Mike Petersen
By RussT Date 2010-06-21 10:49 Edited 2010-06-21 11:50
Guess what...they are correct...

There are NO WIMP's (Weakly Interacting Massive Particles) (CDM Halos...they are ONLY in their "Simulations"!!!)

And there is NO "Dark Energy"...because there is NO "Time Dilation" for Quasars OR Super Nova...

and Hawkin's is right too...

Astronomer Mike Hawkins from the Royal Observatory in Edinburgh came to this conclusion after looking at nearly 900 quasars over periods of up to 28 years. When comparing the light patterns of quasars located about 6 billion light years from us and those located 10 billion light years away, he was surprised to find that the light signatures of the two samples were exactly the same. If these quasars were like the previously observed supernovae, an observer would expect to see longer, “stretched” timescales for the distant, “stretched” high-redshift quasars. But even though the distant quasars were more strongly redshifted than the closer quasars, there was no difference in the time it took the light to reach Earth.

No Time Dilation means SR is "Invalid"
ETA: which in this case means that the universe is not expanding IE: those photons are NOT stretched.
Which also means that there should be NO photons that are 'stretched', including the CMB...Those CMBR photons did NOT tenuate from Gamma radiation down to 3k "Last Scattering" stretched photons. Instead, they are exactly what we "Observe"...IE: Photons at 2.73k coming from "Every/ALL" directions (From Non-Point sources)traveling at "c" non-collisionally...sound familiar??? ;>))

And...McCarthy is right too

"Theyre already very old," explained Patrick McCarthy, a co-principal investigator on the study from the Observatories of the Carnegie Institution. "In fact, they're ancient."

Now What???
By Jade Annand Date 2010-06-25 05:33
I had a bit of trouble following their preprint, but it made more sense correlating it with the article. So the ripples that are being interpreted as supporting dark energy are smaller, possibly even just artifacts?

But this page is so upbeat: WMAP PRODUCES NEW RESULTS (from January) :)

I wonder if they will be able to take some of these analytical results of late (e.g. The Observation number correlation in WMAP data paper we discussed a while back that showed undue correlations between 'horn' observations) and actually come up with an instrument and/or a process that can cut out such artifacts.

I still think they're trying to read tea leaves.

What would a lack of dark energy do to inflationary models?
By RussT Date 2010-06-26 10:57 Edited 2010-06-26 11:05
Ritchie said:

I still think they're trying to read tea leaves.

Yep,and it is even wayyyyyy worse than the "Sims" for WIMP haloes!!!

Your example/link....But this page is so upbeat: WMAP PRODUCES NEW RESULTS (from January) :)

Is absolutely about finding what you are looking for!!!

And their "Claims of Victory" have become sickening :((

BUT, they have been getting away with those 'claims' ever since Relativity was invented.

Watch "Seeing Black Holes" and see what Michio Kaku and a # of others say toward the end!!!

BUT, here is an even worse one IMHO...

Really........sound waves in 'supposed' "Stretched to oblivion" (That started out as 3000k and are now 2.7k) Micro waves from the 'surface of last scattering'...........please!!!

The CMBR is wayyyyyyyy to even>>>1 part in 100,000 difference in k temp...

Trying to make "Dark Matter WIMP Haloes" (That do NOT even exist!!!) for HI to fall into is absulutely ridiculous as well, niot even counting that there has definitely NOT been enough time for ALL the Clusters to form.

They Made UP WIMPS>>>the CDM paradigm, rewriting almost all of Cosmology (adding 22% more mass that should have caused the immediate collapse of the Universe), which left 74% of the Universe Missing

Enter the "Super Nova on Demand" team>>> and Violla>>>add the L (Lambda) to the (L)-CDM concordance model.....amazing

ALL just fixes for something that doesn't even exist...the Schwarzschild "Inside Solution" of the Expanding EFE Naked Singularity...which as I have said 'Includes' the Horizons....NOT 'just the "Point" or 'starting world line'!!!

OH, and by the way, here is how the BAUT pros are just sweeping it aside!!!
By Jade Annand Date 2010-07-01 22:39
I missed this Starkman and Schwarz finding back in 2004, too: Anomalies of the CMB.

The article said:

Astronomers already knew large-scale CMB fluctuations are weaker than those at small scales, and this finding would indicate they're weaker still, according to Starkman. Therefore, inflation may have to be tweaked again in order to accommodate the finding.

So, we have the plus/minus horn interference, solar system interference, beam interference. Any way to account for all those so that they can try again? :)
By RussT Date 2010-07-02 06:41
It appears to me that this is the REAL statement that should be focused on...

The correlation involves the largest-scale fluctuations of the CMB. If some of those large-scale fluctuations are a local, rather than a cosmological, phenomenon, it would mean the truly cosmological large-scale fluctuations are even less intense than previously thought.
By lyndonashmore Date 2010-08-31 19:31
isn't this a surprise
By Jade Annand Date 2010-08-31 22:05
Article said:

"Dark matter particles continue to escape our instruments, yet we are getting much more clever in our search and feel confident that we will soon unveil them," said Elena Aprile, spokesperson of the XENON100 experiment and a professor of physics at Columbia University.

A good quote (albeit in a totally different context) gave me a chuckle today: "What is it about being wrong that gives these people such stamina?"

I'll give these folks the benefit of the doubt, but the search, as well as the search for gravity waves, seems to be going really poorly.

Actually, I'll give them more credit than that. At least they're doing something; putting something on the line. That's worth a hat tip, at least until any lame excuses for non-results come back :)
By RussT Date 2010-08-31 23:48
NO benefit of the doubt here!!!

WIMP's simply do NOT exist...Totally made up/manufactured Ad Hoc particle that came about from "N" particle Simulations that have absolutely NO place in Cosmology!!!

Where are the ~200 Dwarf galaxies per galaxy predicted in the Sims???

They conviently, once again, just ignore the down side to their theories!!!
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