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By lyndonashmore Date 2010-11-28 16:13
So how does this tie in with alternative theories?
Looks like diffraction patterns to me>
By Jade Annand Date 2010-12-01 06:49
I think it might at least be a matter of "the Big Bang does not let the universe be old enough".

From the paper:

The paper said:

Geometrical considerations tell us that in view of the large angular radii of some of the circles that are seen (often with α up to around 15-20° for the third or fourth circles), the events which could be source of some of the largest of these circles would have to have occurred no later than around t ≅1/3, which would be well before the final stages of the inflationary phase of any inflationary model (although well within the later stages of our previous aeon, in accordance with CCC). It will be seen, therefore, that this picture provides a serious problem for inflationary cosmology, assuming that our events are not in some unforeseen way spurious. least not unless something very odd happens partway through inflation.

The paper said:

But for the reasons stated above, to reproduce the effects that we appear to see, within the framework of inflation, one would require a mechanism for producing recurrent explosive events close to the inflationary turn-off point. No such mechanism has ever been seriously contemplated.

As far as anything specific in alt-cosmology that the concentric rings would indicate... I have no idea. It's one of those weirdnesses of late like the α directionality. At least the quasar non-time-dilation was more directly relevant (though it still makes one wonder why supernovae would seem to follow time dilation)

Any Seyferts at the middle of the circles? I know, I'm reaching a bit :)
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