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By nickoftime Date 2012-07-27 17:58
I may be a bit behind the times with this one, but has anyone looked into the story of CID-42 and the claim that a black hole is probably being ejected from a galaxy by gravitational waves? I noted that the abstract quotes a redshift close to the magic z=0.3, presumably the redshift of the black hole, but I can't be sure.

While I'm here, has anyone noted the apparent similarity between a universe whose expansion is being accelerated by dark energy, and one (Holye's SS cosmology) in which the C-field drives expansion?

By Ari Jokimäki Date 2012-07-29 05:52
I hadn't heard of this system before so I entered "cid 42" to NED search. NED returns wrong object (apparently there is a galaxy cluster with the name "CID 42"). Luckily NED reference list has a paper discussing this "CID-42", it's Civano et al. (2010). From their abstract I found more proper name for this system: CXOC J100043.1+020637, and this is it's NED page. You can find more papers on it by clicking the reference link in the NED page, and also following citations to the article which you can find by opening the ADS abstract pages for NED references. For example, here is one very recent one.

By the way, I have previously written about two quite similar systems: SDSS J092712.65+294344.0 and SDSS J153636.22+044127.0.

On the similarity between cosmologies, Hoyle seems to have spotted that himself. We have discussed it here.
By nickoftime Date 2012-08-10 17:59
Thanks Ari, appreciated.
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