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By Jade Annand Date 2008-12-12 20:11
I point you this this article in New Scientist about Loop Quantum Cosmology's take on replacing the way General Relativity is used in Big Bang Theory. Loop Quantum Cosmology comes from Loop Quantum Gravity of the like that Lee Smolin is working on, similar to Penrose's favourite, spin networks.

It's just a replacement, though, with superinflation instead of Guthian inflation, the possibility of a recycling universe, and an way of avoiding the singularity.

We can't get a hearing in the midst of all these odd alternatives? :)

I'm guessing people are intrigued every now and again with the sort of things that come out of the Perimeter Institute.
By turbo-1 Date 2008-12-14 00:58
I am very attuned to what is coming out of Perimeter, though my time is severely constrained right now (and for past months).  Fotini's prediction that the most energetic UV light from GRBs would be retarded in arrival time because it has to interact more frequently with the vacuum during propagation is a key prediction.  It seems to be (somewhat) supported by observations of the MAGIC consortium, and I am eagerly awaiting well-reduced results from GLAST.

If this turns out to be confirmed, it will be the first major cosmological prediction in a LONG time, and some of us here will have reason to believe that the vacuum is not a passive backdrop against which gravitation, inertia, and light propagation are played out.  I think that the vacuum is a major player in the emergence of these effects, and that the qualities of the vacuum are variable based on the density and distribution of the matter embedded in it.
Previous Next Up Topic Cosmology / Alternative Cosmology / LQC's Big Bang Alternative (2245 hits)

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