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By Jade Annand Date 2010-01-06 22:22
There's an article in New Scientist entitled Supermassive black holes – the fathers of galaxies.

It's interesting, because it's a little closer than typical mainstream to the general "altie" views, even though it is thoroughly on the mainstream side.

Essentially, this team is figuring that jets from quasars cause star formation... creating proto-galaxies. Though they are not saying that galaxies create quasars, it is interesting that they acknowledge the clustering effect. From the article:

The article said:

He thinks it's even possible for a single quasar to trigger the formation of not just one, but many galaxies. Some quasars have jets that sweep around the heavens like a lighthouse beam - this is thought to happen when another supermassive black hole is in the process of merging with the quasar. As the jets sweep around they could awaken one sleeping gas cloud after another, says Elbaz. That would certainly explain why normal galaxies are often seen clustered near quasars (emphasis mine).

Astronomers, most notably Halton Arp at the Max Planck Institute for Astrophysics in Garching, Germany, and Geoffrey Burbidge of the University of California, San Diego, have claimed that this clustering is evidence that galaxies give birth to quasars, then eject them. "We're suggesting the exact opposite," says Elbaz. "It's quasars that give birth to galaxies."

Actually, don't we say both? I don't know, I always got the impression that once quasars were out on their own, they would create galaxy arms via their own jets.

The big question: where do all these supermassive black holes come from in the first place?

The article said:

Of course, if supermassive black holes did form first and then gave birth to galaxies, the $64,000 question is: where did the supermassive black holes come from? "This is the one missing jigsaw piece," admits Elbaz.


Anyhow, intriguing. Elbaz et al. will keep working on it - I'll have to remember to keep track of their discoveries in future.
By RussT Date 2010-01-08 12:28 Edited 2010-01-09 12:25

The big question: where do all these supermassive black holes come from in the first place?

Yes, that is the Big Question...those "Jets" coming out of AGN's are not making SMBH's (Super Massive Black Hole).

SOOOOOOOO, what "Other" High Energy Gamma Radiation "Events" could be the signature/Birth Cry of a "New SMBH/Galaxy" being formed???

Yes, Hoyle was correct........there are Mini Bang's that make "New Galaxies"

All you have to do is believe that SMBH's exist...

BUT "NOT" with singularities in their depths........that is why ALL of mainstreams Maths are 'wrong'....or more correctly modeling nothing that is "Real"
By RussT Date 2010-02-04 11:52 Edited 2010-02-04 12:02
in this last link go down to where Boreman makes the same suggestion and then where I say...We have a winner

Long GRB's >2 seconds to 500 seconds are the "Birth Signatures" of Massive Black Holes and they are happening in "Empty Space" not 'in galaxies'.

Less than 2 seconds are Neutron Star/stellar black hole related most likely and longer than 500 seconds are "Jets/Flares" from already formed  much older AGN galaxies.

Greater than 2 seconds to 100 seconds are massive Black Holes for Dwarf Galaxies with 100 seconds being about the size of the LMC (Large Magelabic Cloud).

120 seconds to 500 seconds are our regular spiral galaxies.

Those SMBH's are being formed from the Neutrino Ocean, which gives us a "Real" place (In fact, the ONLY one possible!!!) to start Quantum Mechanics from.

Because the Big Bang has NO idea where to start from, many of the 'so called particles' they are using do NOT even exist...IE gluons and especially "Virtual Particles"

When those afterglows have faded, cooling so the HI can form, we can see the HI Dark Galaxies (Clouds)...

The, First Light in a New Galaxy...

And LOOK, the so called nuclear "Bar" region hasn't even been nuclearized yet!!!

It is NOT even a Dwarf Galaxy and it so obvious that it MUST be a very new galaxy
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