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By Jade Annand Date 2010-02-12 07:41 Edited 2010-02-12 07:47
I came across this one interesting comment in a thread talking about Kary Mullis (now Kary is a piece of work...!). On the topic of Nobel Prize winners, one person mentioned meeting Arno Penzias:

thedolcelife said:

I once met Arno Penzias (co-discoverer of the Cosmic Microwave Background and nobel prize winner). It was a dinner/talk with about 16 people, plenty of time for a presentation of his discovery for the uneducated. I asked him if he had had that moment of excitement when he realized he knew something no other human knew. He said, not really, he was more concerned about finding theoretical cover for the explanation on the chance they were wrong.

It became apparent that this nobel winner was a smart and thorough engineer/scientist, but I wasn't impressed.

His subsequent discussion about his current work as a green energy consultant left me disappointed. Not due to his opinions, but his knowledge and willingness to be challenged. My wife (decidedly not a scientist) ran circles around him based upon her knowledge from The Wall Street Journal.

On the other hand, I once sat in on a lecture with Herb Simon. That man was a true genius.

His discovery is, of course, going back a few years. Thought I can understand the plight of the observational astronomer, the incuriosity is a bit sad.

Who amongst astronomers is excited about their work these days?
By Ari Jokimäki Date 2010-02-12 12:44
Bill Keel springs to mind immediately - he seems genuinely excited about astronomy in general despite having done it for decades.
By Jade Annand Date 2010-02-12 15:51
He seems like a happy chappy. *laugh* The man loves his telescopes! :)
By lyndonashmore Date 2010-02-12 19:16
Every time my tv is off tune i discover 20% of the cmb. No one gave me a Nobel prize!!!
By Jade Annand Date 2010-02-16 17:59
Lyndon said:

No one gave me a Nobel prize!!!

Dammit, Lyndon, I was so busy that I forgot to nominate you again!

My bad.
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