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By lyndonashmore Date 2010-02-19 20:03
I too am on the "new" database. Fortunately, my web address is correct. But so what? What does it do for me? Nowt!
without a link to my website it does nothing to enhance mine or others promotion of their theories.
I am toying with the idea of dropping forums and going on twitter and youtube. what do you think?
If/ we believe that we are in the forefront of science then why are we using old technology,
Ari, I will go youtube if you will,
By Jade Annand Date 2010-02-20 08:31
Dropping forums for YouTube and Twitter?

Twitter in particular... I don't see how that particular format would help you out, unless you were perhaps live-Twittering a conference. You wouldn't even be able to fit your message into the 140 characters allowed for a Tweet - but then again, you've got room for Twitter-esque abbreviations :)

As for YouTube, it requires a lot of effort. I'd love to do YouTube, but for anything that's going to take anyone's imagination, it takes effort. Mere expounding in front of the webcam risks obscurity. A good, rehearsed script at a minimum, or else an insane amount of editing - in which case you might as well cut the video together as though you meant it that way (Lyndon Headroom, anyone? :)

QualiaSoup and AronRa are two of my personal favourites over there. Actually, I'm minorly ashamed to say that I do not follow cosmology on YouTube - I'm sure there's something there, though :)

I just wouldn't consider any of those replacements for forums. Twitter is good for status updates, and YouTube is good for short comments, but not much in the way of discussion unless someone actually makes a video of their own in rebuttal, and that's pretty rare.

YouTubing, if you can put in the effort, is still a lot more likely to find success than a podcast would.
By Ari Jokimäki Date 2010-02-20 11:02
My two cents: I have no idea what Twitter is (have heard it mentioned of course) but if it helps, go for it. However, I wonder if that's old too:

I prefer blogs currently (I write to three blogs - one on astronomy and two on climate science). Forums are very good when you have a question you need answered. You know, I'm not that much into the PR thing anyway, I just wish to publish my work so that if someone has use for it, it is available. Almost all of my hits to my astronomy blog are from google searches because I won't bother to do the PR.

Lyndon said:

Ari, I will go youtube if you will,

Well, how about youporn? That might get you an audience, but I'm not sure if it's the kind of audience you want. ;)
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