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By Jade Annand Date 2011-10-03 07:02
Alright, Russ - you're back on here temporarily. Apparently, mwForum 2.15 doesn't count down the bans - you really were only set to one day.

That said, I've also heard tell that you might be chomping at the bit to tell us what-for. If you kick it up a notch, you might be in for a perma-ban.

In case you have one of any of the particular social blindness syndromes that are otherwise amenable to explanation, I'm going to give you a breakdown of the inflammatory reply you made that brought the house down in the first place, in the hopes that you might be able to understand it intellectually if you are unable to viscerally.

RussT said:

UH , Yea , I do

Inappropriate sarcasm. This would be appropriate if you had been directly addressed - which you were not - and were actually told that you had no clue - which is not the case for an open question. Direct sarcasm is an attack, and just this line alone would lead to at minimum a confused or angry response asking you why you did so.

RussT said:

i am the only one who actually understands about the "Jets" and when they first occur in ALL galaxies lives BUT no one wants to listen

First point: This did not address the question at all. That's threadjacking, or more generically, derailment. Either way, it's an attempt to steal attention away from the person who originally asked the question, and because it is not done so here to defuse a sensitive topic but rather to escalate, it comes across as extremely rude.

Second point: To add to the rudeness, this adds unwarranted arrogance. Statements of absolute certainty of correctness belittle everyone else's contribution, and you have not earned the support for your own merit claim. Claiming unearned merit and besmirching that of others by fiat are both rude.

RussT said:

Do you believe me that Quasars can't be "Young" ??? If you don't You are `100% confused and this would be true for ALL mainstreamer's as well ;>))

Off-topic and belitting. No amount of smileys can save this.

RussT said:

Now, you can ignore this and stay confused OR we can discuss it correctly (Without any "Accusations") and I will attempt to enlighten you with what I am already absolutely certain of...your choice.

The worst of the bunch. This is how it comes across:

"You can ignore this" equals "I've changed the topic - you better come on board"
"Correctly" equals your way.
"Accusations" equals ignoring the accusations that you started in your very first paragraph.
"Enlighten" equals "you're stupid" in this context.

The entire reply you made reads like an attack.

If you didn't mean it to come across this way, then check your work before posting at minimum.

If you did, or you simply don't care - then I'd rather simply cut your ties to this forum than have you poisoning the discourse and driving away other people.
By David Russell Date 2011-10-03 14:51
Generally starting a statement off with "I am the only one that understands ...." will immediately cause the audience to stop taking you seriously and suspect that you have delusions of scientific deification.

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