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By Mike Petersen Date 2014-08-23 14:49
I just came across this from John A. Macken:

The Universe is Only Spacetime

Any comments?
By bangstrom Date 2014-08-31 08:47
Thanks to turning me on to the Macken's works. He appears to have several concepts that are worth serious consideration as well as some points that I can't agree with but that could be due to my lack of understanding so I will withhold judgment for now.

I was especially interested in Macken's observation in 2-7 of the book that the gravitational acceleration of the Andromeda galaxy slows the rate of time on the surface of the Earth about 100 times more than the Earth’s own gravity. This is amazing but I wasn't able to follow his explanation.

In reading his work, I can't help but compare it to the "Spherical Standing Wave Structure of Matter" (WSM) theory of Milo Wolff and Geoff Haselhurst. Both theories reach the same conclusion that the universe is only spacetime or, at least, waves of spacetime.

Macken tries hard to explain what a photon is but falls short of a complete model that fits all observations and he eventually gives up. Milo Wolf explains the photon as an energy exchange involving a two-way resonance between atoms and he dismisses the idea of a photon as a one-way-at-a-time wave that acts like a ballistic particle. This avoids the paradoxes Macken found impossible to deal with.

Macken divides light into free moving light and, for theoretical purposes, confined light that bounces between two perfect mirrors and then he uses the example of confined light to explain such things as inertia. In Milo Wolf's WSM theory, all light is confined light since it is a two-way resonance confined between electrons at the signal source and receiver so Macken's examples apply even better to Wolf's theory than they do to his own.
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