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By Jade Annand Date 2018-03-17 21:11
Someone sent me a link to this particularly interesting blog entry:

The blog said:

You haven’t seen headlines recently about the Large Hadron Collider, have you? That’s because even the most skilled science writers can’t find much to write about.

There are loads of data for sure, and nuclear physicists are giddy with joy because the LHC has delivered a wealth of new information about the structure of protons and heavy ions. But the good old proton has never been the media’s darling. And the fancy new things that many particle physicists expected – the supersymmetric particles, dark matter, extra dimensions, black holes, and so on – have shunned CERN.

This is not strictly cosmology-related, I understand, but since supersymmetry and its like play a role in a lot of the theoretical foundations we see floating around in gravitational and cosmological explorations, it seemed germane.

One of the comments was intriguing:

Don L. said:

I agree with you more than you'd think, given my connection to the LHC. However, I do think you overstated one point.

At the end of 2018, the LHC will have recorded a mere 3% of the intended research program. That means that there is 30x more data to come. I think you'd need to see the results of all of the data before you say that the LHC was a bust. It may be. But your claim is hasty.

Mind you, I'm not claiming that the other 97% will result in a discovery. But I'm still going to dig through it to find out.

I wouldn't necessarily say the LHC not finding these things would be "a bust" per se - a lack of evidence is positive evidence of a lack, and that can still inform our theoretical foundations, but I can understand the mainstream disappointment :)
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